Pharmacy is actually a passion to save lives

About the Author: Sana Rauf is one of the talented students of Hajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan. She is studying in Pharm. D.

Pharmacy profession

Pharmacy is not only a profession but it is a passion to save the lives of hundreds, in fact millions and billions of people in the world. I think pharmacist is doing one of the best jobs in this world.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]Pharmacy is a rewarding career. Pharmacist is regarded as one of the most trusted professionals in this world. Thousands of people trust on a pharmacist for health and recovery. It is not an easy task. Many pharmacists work with chemotherapy medication and other sensitive products. Pharmacist’s work is done in a neat and clean environment to give the best of health related opportunities.

Let’s see the era of middle ages, when the concept of pharmacist was not there and people depend on doctors. Along with doctors, there were people (technicians) who gave the medicines on the prescription of doctors. They have no ability to tell the people about the action of drugs. No doubt technicians were doing a good job and their work was as tough just as pharmacist’s job but they give no knowledge to the people about the prescribed medicines. People were confused to take the medicine and not satisfy with that.

Pharmacy in recent times

Now the time is changing gradually, evaluation has come and introduced the department of pharmacy. It is the science and art dealing with collection, preparation and standardization of drugs. Pharmacists earn degree to prepare and dispense medicines. They determine the amount of drug according to doctor’s prescription and tell the patient about the use of both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, which are available without prescription.

They tell the people about the interaction, side effects, effective use of medication, clinical effects and sometimes composition of drugs including chemical, physical, biological properties of the drugs.

Pharmacy has always been an exciting and rewarding career in developed countries and recently has become one of the most important fields in health care industry.

Pharmacists work in retail, hospital and such other health centers. Pharmacists are trusted to help you with some of your most personal concerns. They tell the patients about the proper use of prescription and help the patients to choose medicine. They help them in deciding the proper way of treatment, in building self confidence and giving mind relaxation to patients. They try that the patients would be recovered as soon as possible. So, pharmacist is there to help the people in many life-saving ways.

In Islam

Hazrat Abu Huraira (R. A.) said the apostle of ALLAH (P.B.U.H.) prohibited unclean medicine. In this world, the pharmacist’s work is similar to the above saying.

Pharmacists save the lives of people. ALLAH likes those people who save the lives of other person. In our religion, this profession is nearest to ALLAH and ALLAH blesses those who help others.

In Pakistan

In our country, no doubt pharmacy has no bright future and the main reason to this is that the people are not very much aware to this field. They do not understand about the potential of a pharmacist. A pharmacist can become pharmacy supervisor and manage a store i.e. medical store. He can work at the district and regional level. Pharmacist also has a position in company headquarters. In hospitals, pharmacist can work in supervision of management and make prescriptions.

In developed countries

In developed countries, the health profession is not possible without a pharmacist because people are aware about the importance of a pharmacist in their lives. It also includes many of the good job opportunities along with excellent salary packages in many of the developed countries of the world.

Pharmacist and patient

A good relationship between pharmacist and patient could help in better understanding and creation of a chain of good behavior and relations.

Pharmacist’s studies

Pharmacists have abundance of knowledge in many of the subjects. During their studies, they not only read about medical subjects but they also read other additional subjects like social studies, Islamiyat, Computers, Law and Mathematics. Pharmacist has a good understanding of these different subjects.

On these bases, pharmacist tells the person about the affects of medicine, give them instructions in proper manner and instruct the patient to use according to label requirements.

My personal views

Personally I found it as a best field as there are a variety of knowledge and chances of learning. Gradually, people are learning more about this field.

To choose pharmacy as a profession is a good decision. Moreover, it gives personal satisfaction to the person who is a pharmacist because he/she helps the patients and save the lives of thousands of the people.

I have made this little effort for the first time in my life to increase awareness and recognition about the pharmacy profession.

Some of my class fellows have the following opinions about this profession;

Tayyaba: Yes, we do choose pharmacy as a profession because it is a field which helps others and benefits thousands and millions of people.

Sadaf: Yes, we have to choose this profession because by choosing this profession we guide the people about the correct use of medicine and their health. This is a good way to help the people.

Maham: Yes, we can improve treatment criteria of patients through this profession.

Kashifa: Yes, we can choose because we can prevent many diseases and save lives.

Misbah: Yes, we should choose pharmacy because it is a field where we are not going to deal with body fluids (blood etc.) but we work free of these and the best way to serve humanity, if it is the one u want to do.

Anam: Yes, because it is an interesting field.

  • Sahar Sheikh

    what is the scope of d pharmacy in pakistan for girls?Is there any respectable jobs for girls after d pharmacy?I am too much confused plz guide me…..

  • Awais Anwar

    “Pharmacy is actually a passion to save lives”…. what a title… nice… But it’s 

    quite a superficial article… far away from the practical approach….
    Did you really come to this field because you had passion to save lives? not just you (the author), even majority of the students doing pharmacy….
    I got to know opinion of many pharmacy students….
    None of them, ever wanted to do Pharm-D,
    all of them were just happened to be in this field… accidently or because
    they never got admission in others….

    And just a random thought…
    if we talk about pharmacy as a profession in pakistan…
    Oh! what has pharmacy to offer the young man?
    This question comes to me repeatedly and in our changing economic conditions it is a pertinent question….


    A. Anwar

  • Mudassser543

    great work sana.specially islamic point of view.

  • Ifshakhlaq

    great thinking!