Pharmacy has important professional aspects

About the Author: Misbah Ali is one of the talented students of Hajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan. She is studying in Pharm. D.

Pharmacy Education

“Forever, we can never escape the sickness as long as we live; we have to deal with sickness.”

People will always get sick and seek help with their prescription or medication that’s why to have a complete knowledge about drugs, being a part of health care system and with motive to serve humanity one should choose pharmacy, if this is what one wants to do. The day of “lick, stick and pour….” with some counseling mixed in, are not satisfying today’s students. They are looking for careers with a pure clinical focus to management.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]In older decades, the pharmacists were considered as simple suppliers and concocters, but in past two decades they are developed to team members in provision of health. They play major roles in growing empowerment resulting from improved education levels and greater access to information combined with increased interest in personal health.

In our society, most of the people have their own self-care medications and they do not consult the doctor or physician. Self-care does not require medicine. There is a need of self-medication in self care, here the role of pharmacist needs to be extended so that they can help people to make informed choices about self-care in providing and interpreting the information available.

Pharmacists are health care professionals, who practice science and arts of pharmacy. In their traditional role, pharmacists typically take request for medicines from a prescribing health care provider in the form of a medical prescription and dispense the medication to the patient and counsel them on proper use and adverse drug reactions. The pharmacists ensure safe and secure use of medication, disease management, optimize and monitor drug therapy in collaboration with physicians. Pharmacists have many areas of expertise and are a critical source of medical knowledge in clinics, hospitals and pharmacies. Their roles go beyond those previously published by World Health Organization (WHO). They should be considered essential, major and common expectations of health care system worldwide. Public as well as private health care facilities do hire the services of pharmacists yet not in public interest but at least to fill legal requirements.

The consultancy is summarized as “seven star pharmacist”.

Pharmacists perform many functions as a communicator, as a quality supplier, as a trainer and supervisor, as a collaborator or health promoter, as a counselor and vice versa. There are many attractive aspects of choosing pharmacy; they are

  1. We have to work in specified, flexible hours
  2. We work in a healthy, clean environment
  3. We should not be on call etc.
  4. As people will always need help with their medication so you would never be jobless

In our country, pharmacy profession is not developing progressively as in other developed countries but with the increasing demand of supervision for medication for various diseases, and awareness we are hoping to establish it completely.

Now at the end, the reason why I choose pharmacy?? It’s like all others. I want to be an MBBS doctor but I could not get admission. So, I accidently choose pharmacy. But after entering this profession, I came to know that it’s a vast field, we do not have to deal with body fluids. We work in safe, healthy environment and I am happy and proud to be a pharmacist.

“No Doubt What ALLAH does is Always Best for us.”

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