Teenagers troubled their lives through hand sanitizer


In Los Angeles, about six teenagers were taken to emergency as they drink cheap liquid hand sanitizers to get drunk.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]Dr. Billy Mallon of Los Angeles County USC Medical Center,  said he’s seen too many young people come through the hospital’s doors because they tried to get drunk by guzzling hand sanitizer.

Mallon  also said, “It doesn’t sound appealing, but you have to remember that kids don’t have access to alcohol so they’re very creative,”

This cheap and easily accessible hand sanitizer contain 62% ethyl alcohol and 120-proof after distillation. According to doctors it is a new way for teenagers to get drunk but this is very bad and harmful for health.

Still not so many cases have been reported but public health toxicology expert Cyrus Rangan said “It’s essentially a shot of hard liquor,” he also said that it could be a signal of  dangerous new trend. Doctors must have to caution parents about this harmful trend.

“Over the years, they have ingested all sorts of things,” said Helen Arbogast, injury prevention coordinator in the trauma program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. “Cough syrup had reached a very sexy point where young people were using it…. We want to be sure this doesn’t take on the same trend.”