Youtube has been ordered to integrate copyright protection by German court

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Google has been ordered by a court in Hamburg, Germany, (April 20) to integrate filters to protect copyrights of music clips.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]“This is a victory along the way to what will be a very important case,” Peter Hempel, a spokesman for GEMA, the German association that levies and collects royalties on recorded media. “This case, when it is eventually decided, will set a precedent for the legal responsibilities of online platform operators such as Google in Germany.”

Youtube said that it is not responsible for the contents posted by the consumers on the video sharing site.

“Today’s ruling confirms that YouTube as a hosting platform cannot be obliged to control the content of all videos uploaded to the site,” one of the Youtube spokesman said.

“We remain committed to finding a solution to the music licensing issue in Germany that will benefit artists, composers, authors, publishers and record labels, as well as the wider YouTube community,” Youtube added.

The German industry group, Gema, said in the case that Youtube has not worked sufficiently to protect the copyrights. Gema represents about 60,000 German song writers and musicians and the case was based on 12 different music clips on the website. The case started in 2010, when the talks about royalties between Youtube and Gema were not settled.

If Youtube has to pay the royalties for the songs, it will face a huge amount to pay.

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