Africanized bees have been reported in Tennessee, U.S.

Africanized honeybees

According to Tennessee agricultural officials, more aggressive Africanized bees have been found in East Tennessee. Tennessee is a state in the eastern central United States.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /]Officials have reported that bees were found last week through a genetic testing in a colony belonging to a beekeeper in Monroe County and State Apiarist, Mike Studer, said this is the first time that the bees have been found in Tennessee. Previously, the bees have already been found in other states such as Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and Florida.

The officials and experts are working on the depopulation of the Africanized bees.

“I’m actually surprised it’s just now happening. We have been expecting this for some time,” Studer said. “Citizens need to be vigilant, but there’s no need to overreact. This is a situation that can be effectively managed through good beekeeping practices.

“We will be working with beekeepers to monitor their hives and to look for any signs of other aggressive bees in the area.”

The difference between the two forms of bees is that Africanized bees show more aggression towards their nest while their stings are less venomous than European honey bees. Following steps have been reported to get protection from Africanized bees;

1. Run.

2. Cover your head with your shirt or jacket while running because Africanized bees tend to sting the face and head.

3. Never stand still or get boxed into a place outdoors where you cannot escape the attack.

4. Seek immediate shelter in an enclosed building or vehicle. Isolate yourself from the bees.

5. Do not attempt to rescue a victim without the proper protective gear and training. Doing so could make you the second victim.

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