“I, Robot” by “Isaac Asimov” is one of the great sci-fi works

“I, Robot” was written by Isaac Asimov, who was a Russian American author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, in 1950. It is actually a collection of nine science fiction stories.

This fictional work has been rated 4 out of 5 by in than 40,000 ratings and more than 1000 reviews on Goodreads. On Amazon, it has gotten 4.2 out of 5 by more than 200 reviewers.

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In this collection, one of the great classics of science fiction, Asimov set out the principles of robot behavior that we know as the Three Laws of Robotics. Here are stories of robots gone mad, mind-reading robots, robots with a sense of humor, robot politicians, and robots who secretly run the world, all told with Asimov’s trademark dramatic blend of science fact and science fiction.

This science fiction includes three laws of Robotics,

  1. Robots must not have to injure human beings through any activity or inactivity
  2. Robots must have to obey human beings except if this order contradicts with the first law
  3. Robots must have to protect their existence except their protection doesn’t contradict with the first or second law.

One of the reviewers has written on Goodreads,

I really loved this book. In fact, I read it pretty quickly throughout one day. I actually finished in the line at the commissary which has been so ridiculously long lately that I’ve learned to carry a book along.

I had seen the movie previously but I have learned not to trust a movie version. I was correct in this case. I’m not sure exactly where the movie came from at all. They only similarities that I remember are the 3 robot rules.


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