“Transcription Factor Encyclopedia” has been developed by researchers

Transcription factor encyclopedia

Researchers have presented a Transcription Factor Encyclopedia (TFe).

Structure of EOMES 8320 1h6fA [hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /] The report of this encyclopedia has been published online in the March 29 issue of the journal Genome Biology.

The TFe is an online encyclopedia having a collection of articles on transcription factors. It has open access for readers. Nearly 100 researchers have collaborated to contribute about 130 “mini-review” articles on relevant TFs of human, mouse and rat.

TFs are proteins that bind to specific DNA sequences and helps in controlling the flow of genetic information from DNA to mRNA. They act, either alone or in complexation with other proteins, by elevating or decreasing the recruitment of RNA polymerase – enzyme that is responsible for transcription of genetic information from DNA to RNA – to specific genes.

You can access TFe here.

The long-term goal of TFe is to create an online encyclopedic collection of well-studied transcription factor proteins in the human, mouse, and rat genomes, combining a mixture of both expert-curated and automatically-populated content to provide users with a wide set of information relevant to a transcription factor protein of their interest.


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