SpaceX is ready to launch Dragon Spacecraft to International Space Station

Test crew seated in Dragon Spacecraft
Test crew seated in Dragon Spacecraft

SpaceX, California based Space Exploration Technological company, is ready to send its demonstration flight into International Space Station as it has prepared Dragon Spacecraft. It is the first commercially built space capsule with the capability of accommodating seven astronauts, which will be sent to the space station at the end of the next month as reported by NASA officials on Thursday, March 15.

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“SpaceX continues to prepare for our upcoming test flight in which we will attempt to send the Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station.”

This test flight was to take place in February but the mission was delayed for further tests.

After the Dragon Capsule will reach the space station, astronauts will grab onto it with the help of space station’s robotic arm. The capsule will then be attached to that side of the station’s Harmony node, which is facing towards the Earth.

SpaceX is working under the NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program, which has been developed to help in the delivery of food, hardware and propellant to the space stations. The upcoming flight is the second delivery by SpaceX as the first flight was launched on December 2010. That was a first successful test flight by a commercial company.

SpaceX is a company run by PayPal cofounder and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. It will receive up to $396 million, for successfully completing the required goal, under the COTS program and in partnership with NASA.

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