Some research suggestions related to Metamaterials

MetamaterialMetamaterials are the types of materials usually not found in nature. They are among the favorite topics of today’s scientists as such materials can help in many fields of life and can help in the development of invisibility cloak.

[hana-code-insert name=’StumbleUpon’ /][hana-code-insert name=’Reddit’ /] In the study of metamaterials, it is yet to know whether the modified frequency response and the stronger localized field can improve figure of merit (FOM) for nonlinear absorption or refraction. FOM is used to characterize the performance of a device in comparison with the other relative device. (Toroghi et. al.)

Main challenges in the traditional metamaterials are their fabrication for applications which we can see through the naked eye as researchers are of the opinion that further progresses in the field of metamaterials can be done only through sophisticated fabrication. (Zheludev)

According to researchers future “quantum metamaterials” have the following properties (Zheludev),

  1. They will have the quantum level of operation
  2. Josephson quantum-mechanical interference device will be the building block of the technology. (Although the production of large metamaterial arrays of Josephson rings is a sophisticated technique but it is not widely accessible.)
  3. They will have supercurrent excitation
  4. They will have quantum qubits as the information carrier
  5. Their mode of operation will be quantized (“digital”)
  6. They will have the ability to operate in the frequency range of microwave to terahertz
  7. They will have extremely high non-linearities

Main challenges to be faced by researchers in the future “quantum metamaterials” are their optimized fabrication and cryo-cooling. (Zheludev)


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