Mitsubishi’s fastest elevator’s introduction in Shanghai Tower in China

Mitsubishi is going to inject the world’s fastest elevator in the Shanghai tower in China that is 632 meter in height and will open in 2014. This will be done in the next few years and by that time the tower will get the position of the world’s tallest building and will left behind Burj Khalifa of Dubai. This tower has been designed by U.S. architectural firm Gensler.

Mitsubishi has recently revealed the “mock-up design” of it’s aerodynamically bullet shaped elevator. The elevator can move at a record-breaking speed of 40.2 mph or approximately 59’ per second while the elevator of Burj Khalifa can reach up to the speed of 26 mph.

Mitsubishi elevator

In order to reach the maximum speed and safety Mitsubishi has used a rope of high-intensity steel strands wrapped in plastic with its bullet-like elevator. This elevator has an additional property of “green technology” i.e. its motors have built-in converters that can regenerate electricity causing reduction in the consumption by 30%. Mitsubishi has used several mechanisms to minimize vibrations and to control air pressure.

You can follow the construction of Shanghai Tower here.

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