OnLive has made cloud-gaming app for Google TV


OnLive has introduced a new app for Google TV i.e. OnLive is making availability of console-class gaming for smart TV platform. The app will utilize Universal OnLive Wireless Controller announced last week, hooking up to the TV or Google TV STB directly.

OnLive has made it easy to stream high-performance videogames as instant as videos or movies.From Google TV,

In fact, this week at the CES Show in Las Vegas, VIZIO will showcase the first-ever line of Google TV products with OnLive playability built in. With this next generation of VIZIO Internet Apps Plus (V.I.A. Plus) devices, equipped with Google TV 2.0, you can simply power on your HDTV, pick up your Universal OnLive Wireless Controller and play amazing games instantly on demand—no console necessary. Play the first 30 minutes of almost any of OnLive’s 200 games free and buy only what you like, or subscribe to the OnLive PlayPack Bundle for unlimited access to over 140 games. No discs, no big downloads … just like the instant media experience you’ve become accustomed to with Google TV.

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