Google partnered with other companies to make more Google TV

Google TV

Google Inc. is increasingly making hard efforts to make more and more TV’s with its software to be available to the consumers and in this effort, now the company has announced its collaboration with LG.

Google has also partnered with Marvell Technology Group Inc. and MediaTek Inc., both of which are chipset designers and would help in designing advanced and lower priced products. According to the company, products based on new chips would be available in the first half of the next year. This new partnership of Google comes after redesigning its TV software while making it not only easy to use but also addressing the other problems.

“During 2011, we spent a lot of time essentially redesigning the product,” said Mario Queiroz, head of Google TV, in an interview. With the aid of four of the largest TV makers (Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio), he added, “we think we have good momentum in establishing a footprint.”

Google is constantly working to improve its TV customer experience, so that wide array of internet contents would be available to TVs than the other companies are providing. The company is also working on to popularize the app development for its TVs as that for Android based smartphones.

From Google TV Blog;

Since launching the update, we’ve seen our activation rates more than double. New features and new apps are coming to the living room via Google TV almost every day. We now have more than 150 apps which developers have specifically built for TV with thousands more Android apps from the mobile world available to deepen your living room TV experience.

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