Raspberry Pi computer soon to be launched

Raspberry Pi beta boardRaspberry Pi computer is soon to be launched i.e. three weeks behind planned launch. It will cost about £16 ($25).

Raspberry Pi is going to use an ARM chip similar to that used in mobile phones and will use Linux open source operating system.

According to the reports, test versions of the devices are under trials and after successful testing, mass production will start in January 2012. The computer will be available in two configurations i.e. Model A without any network connection costing £16 ($25) and Model B, obviously, with Ethernet port costing £22 ($35).

In a blog post, the Raspberry Pi foundation, based in Cambridgeshire, said: “If all the boards from this batch perform well in testing, we’ll be auctioning ten of them off; details will be available here as soon as we are confident that they’re perfect.”

“Once we’re happy that this test run is fine, we’ll be pushing the button immediately on full-scale manufacture in more than one factory,” the post said.


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