AMD’s new graphics card

amd-radeon-hd-7970-graphics-card-specsRadeon GraphicsAdvanced Micro Devices (AMD) is going to launch new flagship Radeon HD 7970 desktop graphics card, “Tahiti XT”, on December 22 with which it can win the title of maker of fastest graphics card for PC in just 28nm. Previously, it was launching it on January 9.

“We are ramping 28nm [products] with TSMC in Taiwan and shipping the products here and now. We are very excited about the products,” said Rory Read, chief executive officer of AMD, during IT Supply Chain conference organized by Raymond James.

It is the first Graphics Core Next (GCN) chip and according to reports, Radeon HD 7970 is 30% faster than 6970. This launch could give the company a slight edge over Nvidia.

According to VR-Zone, 7970 will come with 2048 stream processors and 3GB of GDDR5 memory making the use of a 384-bit bus width. The speed of the core clock will be 925 MHz, but according to AMD, the card will be able to be over locked beyond 1GHz. Cooling is given by a heat sink i.e. sixth-generation vapor chamber!, and “improved fan design” occupying one of two expansion slots.

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