GPA calculator for iOS and Android devices

GPA CalculatorGPA refers to “Grade Point Average”, which is the average of grades. It is calculated over a fixed period by assigning values of 4 to A, 3 to B, 2 to C, 1 to D, and 0 to F.

Here we have collected some apps for calculation of GPA and interestingly the number of apps in Android market is more than those for iOS devices.

Apps for Apple’s Devices:

GPA Calculator:

It calculates GPA by dividing “the total amount of grade points earned by the total amount of credit hours attempted” in which the grade point average ranges from 0.0 to 4.0.

It is made by the company Holy Web Design.

GPA Calc:

“Enter the grade and the number of credits (credit hours) and click calculate to get your semester GPA.”

It is developed by John Rouda.

Apps for Android’s Devices:

GPA Calculator:

It is developed by MrEngineer13.

GPA & Final Exam Calculator:

“This app will calculate what score you need on your final exam in order to receive a certain grade in your course. It will also calculate your GPA! It will also SAVE your GPA for future calculations!”

It is developed by WeaselWare.

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