Angry birds’ themed playground in Finland and 15 new levels in the game update

Angry Birds

Angry Birds, the world’s most popular computer game, will become live attractions for children of Finland by next year.

First, there was the Angry Birds theme park in Changsha, Hunan province, China, where visitors can “attack” replica of piggies with birdy shots. Now the mobile gaming giant Rovio has announced plans for Angry Birds-themed playgrounds in Finland. The company has teamed up with playground equipment manufacturer Lappset to produce an Angry Birds line including towers, slides, climbing walls swings and more.

“Lappset is proud to introduce a collection of Angry Birds playground equipment to its customers: swings, sandboxes, climbing towers and slides, swing animals and as a grand novelty: an outdoor Angry Birds pajazzo!”

Moreover, 15 new levels are going to be introduced in Angry Birds’ on iOS update on its second “Birdday”.

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