Chris Ferguson, final space shuttle commander, is leaving NASA

Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson, NASA astronaut and commander of the final space shuttle mission, is leaving NASA at the end of this week as announced by the space agency on Monday.

He will join a private sector as reported by NASA.

“Chris has been a true leader at NASA, not just as a commander of the space shuttle, but also as an exemplary civil servant, a distinguished Navy officer and a good friend,” said Charles Bolden, the NASA administrator. “I am confident he will succeed in his next career as he brings his skill and talents to new endeavors.”

He was selected as an astronaut in 1998. He was a pilot of shuttle Atlantis on the STS-115 mission in September 2006 through which second set of U.S. solar arrays were delivered to the International Space Station.

He commanded STS-126 in November 2008 and joined STS-135 mission also, which was the final flight of space shuttle Atlantis and the 135th and final mission of 30-year Space Shuttle Program by America. In this mission, he and the team members supplied about 10,000 pounds of supplies and spare parts to the International Space Station.

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