Geely Automobile, Chinese car company, is coming in UK

Chinese motor is going to be introduced in UK.

Geely Auto going to be launched in UK

Chinese car company Geely is going to launch its cars in UK with the first cars reaching there in less than twelve months’ time. Emgrand EC7 by Geely, i.e. mid-size family saloon and hatchback, will go on sale at approximately £10,000. According to reports, Geely’s model has a fine track record.

This price, which is as low as entry-level European-brand supermini, is expected to shake the UK new car market.

Geely is going to be imported in UK by Managense Bronze holdings plc (MBH), which is an engineering company with LTI London Taxi, which is also built in China by Geely. Geely Auto UK will be based in Coventry in the same HQ as The London Taxi Company.

Geely and MBH are together preparing a sale and marketing network for the new Chinese Cars with a dealer network in recruitment.

Matthew Cheyne, Market Development Director of Geely Auto UK, said,

We are starting with a clean sheet of paper with the distribution of Geely passenger cars into the UK, the first major Western European country to receive them.

We will start by importing the Geely Emgrand EC7, C/D segment sized four door saloons and five door hatchbacks, initially with 1.5 and 1.8 litre petrol engine options.” However, he added, Geely has a large range of cars on sale in China that would also work well in Europe – and the aim is to bring many of these over too.

We will be aiming to widen our range just as quickly as possible, probably at least a new model range every year for the next four to five years.

John Russell, Chief Executive Officer of MBH, said,

“We are all aware of the success that the Korean brands, Kia and Hyundai have had in the UK and we can work with Geely to achieve similar success in the future”.

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