Faster than light particles are rejected by a team of scientists [update]

ICARUS experiment A team of scientists from Italy have rejected the “faster than light” particle finding.

ICARUS – another experiment at Gran Sasso, which is present under the mountains and operated by Italy’s National Institute of National Physics – have put an argument  that neutrinos energy on arrival have contradicted the readings.

In the study published on the same website as the OPERA results on Saturday ICARUS team have refuted the results of faster than light particles.

They explained that neutrinos, which were pumped from CERN, near Geneva, must have to lose most of their energy, if they travel even fractions of speed faster than light. Moreover, the ICARUS scientists say that the neutrino beam in their experiment and equipment fully correspond with the energy spectrum of light.

The report submitted by the researchers is as follows,

We present an analysis based on the 2010 data set from the ICARUS experiment, located at Gran Sasso and using the same neutrino beam from CERN. We find that the neutrino energy distribution of the ICARUS events in LAr agrees with the expectations for an unperturbed spectrum of the CERN neutrino beam. Our results therefore refute a superluminal interpretation of the OPERA result according to the Cohen and Glashow prediction for a weak currents analog to Cherenkov radiation.

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