Stem cell bandage to cure torn knees

Azellon Cell TherapeuticsUse of stem cells will be done to heal torn knees by the next year as reported by Professor Anthony Hollander and team members from University of Bristol.

Scientists are now using techniques to develop stem cell “bandages”. They have already done an artificial windpipe transplant, with the help of stem cells from the patient, of a Colombian woman Claudia Castillo saving her life.

Scientists have plans to use the same mechanism for the bone marrow transplant onto a damaged knee transplant. It is expected that the cells will work like a bandage to mend the tissues in the joint. This problem is common among sportspeople.

University spin-off company, Azellon Cell Therapeutics Ltd., has already raised £2.25m for funding and the trials are approved by Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

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University of Bristol

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