Problems in iPhone-4S


Some of the problems as faced by iPhone 4S users are mentioned here:

Battery Issue:

Users of iPhone 4S are facing a battery issue. Many customers are complaining the loss of battery by 15% in an hour, even when the phone is not actively being used.

Shorter battery life in iPhone 4S is probably because of software issues because iPhone 4S has higher watt-hours capacity but with the introduction of iOS 5 and a system wide notification center, it is showing reduced battery life.

Siri’s temporary loss of work:

siri down

Siri is a personal assistant introduced in iPhone 4S. For the last few days, users of iPhone 4S are complaining about the inability of Siri to connect to the network. According to Apple, Siri is a beta service and it is probable to face such problems.

Audio error:

In the Apple’s support forum, many users are facing an audio echo problem while using a wired handset. Users from different wireless carriers are complaining the audio quality often reduces after sometime and voice of the caller, starts echoing, from the other side. One of the users wrote in discussion,

I’m having an issue with my 32 gb iPhone 4s with Rogers. When using the Apple hands free headset with the phone during a call, I get an echo problem. It does not occur immediately. It can very from 30 seconds into a call and as far up to 9 mins in before it begins the annoying echo. If I unplug the headset it goes away but will return when I plug the headset back in. I have tried 3 brand new iphone 4s headsets with the same problems. So far I have tried rebooting, and also restored phone back to factory original settings as a new phone and still no resolution. I have been told by the other person on the line a screech sound is made then the echo begins.

Another user discussed about the issue of outgoing but with no audio,

Picked up a Verizon iPhone 4S – 32GB and on about 1 in 10 calls I get no outbound audio when dialing. Call shows the timer counting as if the call is progressing but absolutely no ring back and cannot hear the party on the other end when they answer.

Sim Card Failure and heat up:

One of the users of Apple discussed,

Got the new 32GB iPhone 4S today from AT&T, activated the phone was working all morning, I started experimenting with Siri and a couple minutes later the phone was hotter than usual and I get Sim Card failure, and Bad SIM messages. The phone now only says No Sim. I get home take out the SIM card and put it in my previous iPhone 4 and it works just fine. I then put in a blank micro SIM into the new iPhone 4S, but it still says NO SIM. Thinking the SIM reader got fried some how already.

Every thing has its own pros and cons and same is the case with Apple products. In-spite of all these issues, Apple is still among favorite companies.


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