WeVideo integration in youtube.com

WeVideoYoutube has integrated WeVideo i.e. cloud based video editing platform, which means no need to download any software.

Now Youtube.com has eight “create video” platforms.

With the integration of WeVideo editing platform, Youtube has allowed its users to produce video stories from their unedited and different contents. It will enable users to edit movies and videos in their browser, with media files, from any device due to its cloud based framework.

WeVideo has an easy drag and drop interface for background music, titles, transitional effects and other such video enhancement tools. It enables the easy video rendering and secure storage.

Jostein Svendsen, CEO of WeVideo, said,

“WeVideo’s integration to YouTube opens up the exciting world of video editing to millions of video story-tellers.  This partnership gives YouTube users an intuitive cloud-based tool that is far more powerful than most desktop solutions. And with the ability to immediately post completed projects to their respective YouTube channels, video story telling has never been easier.”

There are feature rich packages in WeVideo usage that ranges from free personal accounts to paid corporate accounts.

For more information go to Marketwatch


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