Anywhere but Here?

Steve Jobs and Mona Simpson
Steve Jobs and Mona Simpson

One of the bestselling novels is “Anywhere but Here” And it is written by “Mona Simpson”.

Do you know who is Mona Simpson? She is biological sister of Steve Jobs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple who passed away recently.

Mona Simpson is the daughter of the biological parents of Steve Jobs i.e. Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali. Mona took George Simpson’s name in 1957. Jobs didn’t meet her till he was 27 years old. Jobs met his biological mother and sister in 1980s and he became eventually became very close to his sister. Simpson dedicated her first novel “Anywhere But Here?” to “Joanne, our mother, and my brother Steve.”

“Anywhere But Here?” was published in 1987 is the story of Adele August, who leaves her second husband and goes to Los Angeles, along with her daughter Ann, to fulfill her dreams. One of her dreams is to make her daughter a child star. The novel was adopted into a movie in 1999 with the same name.

She also wrote the novels “The Lost Father” and “A Regular Guy : A Novel”. She has visualized Steve Jobs in the novel “A Regular Guy”.

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