Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is developed by Tesla Motors. It is an electric powered sedan and was named as WhiteStar during research and development phase.

New Tesla Model S was shown to the Tesla fans on Saturday night.

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The new Model S will have the ability to accelerate to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds from a standing position, which is more than the basic Model S, which take 5.6 seconds to reach the speed of 60 mph from a standing position.

The car will be available by the next year as 2013 model and the prices will start from $50,000. According to Tesla, the S will have a range of upto 300 miles depending upon the battery option by the buyer. Tesla Model S have three battery offerings that have ranges of 160 miles/257 km, 230 miles/370 km or 300 miles/483 km on a full charge.

Tesla has plans to make 5000 Model S’s in the next year, which accounted for its advanced orders, and 20,000 Models in a year after that.

People moved to Fremont, California, factory “from Japan and Germany to experience this car for the first time,” said Khobi Brooklyn, Tesla’s spokeswoman.




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