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Invitation sent by Amazon’s PR firm to Media has raised expectations, in a press conference on Friday, for a long awaited Tablet PC, through which the company is going to challenge Apple’s iPad.

Amazon sent invitation to press reporters with a simple phrase, “Please join us for an press conference.” Along with time, date and location of the conference. Although it is hidden, what the conference will be about?

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Amazon has no public announcement for the production and the release of Tablet but according to numerous press reports, it may launch a Tablet this year.

According to Forrester, a Technology Research Firm, Amazon could be the well reasoned challenger for Apple’s iPad.

Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps have said,

Amazon’s “willingness to sell hardware at a loss combined with the strength of its brand, content, cloud infrastructure, and commerce assets makes it the only credible iPad competitor in the market,”

According to analysts, Amazon can shake the strategy of not only Apple Inc. but also other companies’ tablets.

Jack Gold, an analyst at J. Gold Associates, has said in an email,

“Once the new iPhone is launched, the press will not talk about anything else for days or weeks,”

iPhone-5 is going to be unveiled on Oct. 4 and it is strong possibility that Amazon will tell the world about its Tablet before that time.

It is expected that the Tablet will use Android Operating System and will be less than $300 in price. According to some reports, it is full colour 7-inch touchscreen device.

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