Time to think about Space Junks

Space junks around EarthResearchers in U.S. have reported that the quantity of the so-called “Space Junk” around the Earth is going to be displaced from the stable equilibrium position i.e. have reached a “tipping point” and can result in the harmful effects to the spaceships and satellites.

This report resulted in recommendations for international regulations, so that there will be a limit on the space research.

With the advent of space age, about 54 years ago, the area just above the Earth’s surface has seen an increase in leftover boosters and spare parts coming out during launches as well as old satellites and all these must have to be reduced in order to cope with the problem of space junk.

It has been found that crushing an old satellite into four tenths of an inch in the space can also lead to an increase in space junks (too much). According to the Federal Authorities, there are about 22,000 objects of about 10 centimeters long and these objects are travelling with the speed of more than 20,000 mph. They can destroy the whole satellite or spacecraft.

A possible solution to reduce space junks is give by the use of giant umbrellas and magnetic nets.

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