50% Americans drink sugary beverages daily

Sugar drinksAccording to a report presented by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 50% U.S. population drink sugary beverages daily and the number of males drinking beverages is more (175 kcal from sugar drinks) than females (94 kcal) and youngsters are more habitual to drink than old people.

People with low incomes drink more than those with higher income and most of them drink away from home and purchase from stores rather than restaurants or schools.

The data is obtained from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2005–2008, in which 17,000 people were interviewed in-person.

Almost 5% of population drinks more than four cans a day (perhaps they don’t know that more than half a can of soda is prohibited by health officials). Some officials have proposed additional tax for soda drink as these drinks are one of the important causes of obesity, type 2-diabetes (in adults) and other medical related problems.

To inform people about the risks of soda drinks, a campaign is proposed to be started in Los Angeles, that will ask “If you wouldn’t eat 22 packs of sugar, why are you drinking it?’

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