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An app for early warning of Earthquake in iOS 5

Earthquake Early WarningIn the next version of Japanese iPhones, Apple Inc. is introducing an early warning app for earthquakes.

New version of mobile operating system, scheduled to be released this fall, will have a toggle switch on iPhones in Japan which on turning on will alert users of the earthquakes.

Japan has already installed “Earthquake Warning System “ (since 2007) in Japanese phones by NTT DoCoMo, KDDI, and Softbank Mobile but Apple’s work on this feature shows that Apple Inc. want to install the same feature in other areas of the world also.

This app will work in the Notification Center Settings of iOS 5 in the next version of iPhones. Moreover, by turning this notification on users will be warned of lowering their battery life. Earthquake Early warning system allows the users to be warned of some disasters some seconds to one or two minutes before the Earthquakes.


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