Capybara in California

Capybara in California
Capybara in California

Capybara is the largest living rodent on Earth. Rodent is a group of animals including mice, rats, squirrel and guinea pigs. These animals have large flat sharp teeth in the upper and lower jaws.

Capybara is native to South America but recently it has been found in California’s Central Coast.

Photos of Capybara were taken by the workers of Paso Robles sewage treatment plant. They found Capybara, while it was swimming in the water storage pond and photographed it before it went to the Salinas River. That Capybara was found to be of about 100 – 120 pounds.

A wild Capybara was reported by Game wardens almost three years ago. Then after eight months of that a huge rodent was found to scare the horse of a farmer and started eating its hay. Wardens were called out and they found the foot prints of Capybara. Now, this is the latest sighting of Capybara. Wardens are not worried with the wandering of Capybara as it is a harmless animal.

In California, Capybara adoption is not ordinarily permitted but some people have it as a legal pet.

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