Android App Inventor now work in MIT

android_logoMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has launched a center for Mobile Learning in teaming up with Google. The center specially focuses on App Inventor for Android.

However, in this center which is housed in Media Labs of MIT, researches will also be done on new mobile technologies and applications such as location-aware learning applications, data collection through mobile sensing, gaming applications and other education related applications.

The center will be co-directed by three MIT professors:

1. Hal Abelson; A professor of computer science and engineering. He gave the idea for Google App inventor in 2008.

2. Eric Klopfer; Associate professor of science education

3. Mitchel Resnick; LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research. He developed Scratch software and Google App Inventor’s user interface bears close resemblance to this software.

Joichi Ito, will take over as the Media Lab’s director next month.

With this center, Google and MIT will help beginners and novice developers to design apps for Android, which is an open source platform for smart phones. According to Google and MIT, currently there are almost 100,000 educators, students and hobbyists in the community of app development and this Media Lab will “enable people to learn anywhere, anytime, with anyone”.

According to Dr. Maggie Johnson, Google’s Director of Education and University Relations,

Google incubated App Inventor to the point where it gained critical mass. MIT’s involvement will both amplify the impact of App Inventor and enrich the research around it,. It is a perfect example of how industry and academia can work together effectively.

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