Adobe Muse; making “website making” easy

Adobe muse webpage
A webpage made on Adobe Muse

Adobe has announced a product for making websites even without previous knowledge of HTML, CSS or other professional experiences. This product is code-named Muse.

Its beta version is available on its website. This website is also built on Adobe Muse software and have tutorials and other demos for this product.

Four steps are to follow to create websites with this product i.e.

1. Plan your project with sitemaps, master pages and site wide properties

2. Design your pages with known adobe tools, dynamic page resizing, Optimization of images, Text and Paragraph styles, Backgrounds, Precise preparation of texts, Headers and footers and many more.

3. Add rich interactivity and Preview with auto-generated navigations, defined object states, embedded HTML, slideshows, Lightboxes and trigger and target.

4. Publish your site.

Muse version-1 will be released in the early months of 2012 and according to Adobe, the product would be renamed by then. Muse will be available by subscription only. It is available for One-year for US$180/year (or $15/month) and in other plan, it is available on Month-to-month basis for US$20/month.

Official Site:

Still under the process of publishing….

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