Meteor Shower

meteor showerMeteor shower is the movement of meteors in the night sky. This movement is just like that the meteors are radiating from one point in the night sky and Perseids is the meteor shower in which the point of radiant (i.e. point from the meteors appear to come from) lies in the constellation Perseus. Perseus constellation is in the northern sky.

In 2011, Perseids meteor shower have the peak time on 12th and 13th of August. However, this annual meteor shower has been active from July 22 and will remain active upto August 22 with peak date of 12 at 17:30-21:00 GMT. In its peak time, moon will be full and may hide some meteors from site.

The rate of meteor shower at its peak is from 60 to 100 brighter and colorful meteors.

Perseids meteor shower is the result of the comet Swift-Tuttle. Earth passes through a trail of dust produced by this comet each summer and these large dust particles while burning in atmosphere produce a vision of meteor showers. This comet crosses the Earth’s orbital path every 133 years.

The best time for meteor watching is predawn i.e. from midnight to dawn and from the place which is free of city lights and clouds.

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