XOM is Exxon Mobile Corportation on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

For sometime, the shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) in market went down and the shares of Exon Mobile Corporation (XOM) rose. Exxon acheived $341.82 billion in market capitalization and Apple was at $338.59 billion.

Apple goes down about 10% from a recent 52-week high of $404.50.

After sometime, the shares of apple goes up and achieved $356.34 with $3.13 or 0.9% up in the shares while XOM goes down abour 4%.

Market ended, when a market cap of $347 billion was there for AAPL. This was achieved by 5.9% or $20.80 up was there for the shares taking it to $374.01. And the market cap for XOM was $348.32. This was acheived by 2% or $1.45 up in the shares taking it to $71.64.

Sometime ago, Apple also overtook Microsoft Corp. (MSFT).

All these ups and downs made Exxon Mobile the largest/valueable company in the world market for sometime on Tuesday August 09, 2011.

Stock of XOM and AAPL


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