Pottermore; Website for unique experience of Harry Potter

pottermorePottermore.com is a website presented by J. K. Rowling for a completely unique and exciting experience of reading of the Harry Potter books. This site was launched on July 31, the date of birth of Mr. Potter. This website gives a challenge to its fans for early access in the form of Magical Quill.

Users can participate and present their own creative ideas relating to these Potter stories. 

At first, it allows the users to experience the first Harry Potter story and subsequent stories will opened by the time.

However, it will be opened for free access on October 1 ,2011.

People can join Pottermore on Twitter.

This website is launched via YouTube and Rowling is going to sell her seven Potter novels in the form of e-books and audio books in multiple languages. Pottermore Limited is an England based company.

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