Signs and Symptoms of cancer

Signs and Symptoms of CancerSigns of cancer represent the points or evidences that give notice to the observer, like doctor, loved ones or friends etc., about the possible presence of cancer . Although the signs do not always work but they may help in cancer detection in many cases. Symptoms of cancer represents indication of cancer felt by patient.

Sometimes it also happen that cancer do not show the symptoms related to the particular cancer area until it grows to some advanced stage.

Some very common signs and symptoms, which must be checked accordingly are mentioned below. If these symptoms persist for longer time or getting worse, they may be the result of some form of cancer (but not necessarily) and it is important to have them checked out by a physician.

Some common signs and symptoms are as follows:

1. Unexplained weight loss

A weight loss without any known reason is referred to as “Unexplained weight loss”. This weight loss can be of about 10 pounds or more.

Unexplained weight loss is often the result of cancer of stomach, lung, esophagus or pancreas.

2. Fever

Fever, is such a symptom that, occurs in almost all cancer patients, in some part of their life, but more often it occurs, when cancer has spread from its starting point of body and there is effect on immune system (and this effect on immune system can result in difficulty in fight against infection).

Fever can be an early sign of cancer for certain cancers like blood cancer such as lymphoma or leukemia.

3. Fatigue

Fatigue represents extreme form of tiredness. This tiredness may be the result of the fact that cancer cells start using extra energy of the body or they may affect the immune system resulting in such symptoms of tiredness. This tiredness does not, usually, remove with rest. Fatigue may feel early in cancer start.

Some types of cancer such as those related to blood, colon and stomach can result in blood loss and this, may be, another cause of fatigue as a result of cancer.

4. Pain

Pain can be an early symptom.

It often occurs in testicular or bone cancer. Constant type of headache, that does not get better or go away,  can occur in brain tumor. Back pain can be the result of rectum, ovary or colon cancer.

5. Changes in skin

Changes in skin color along with itching and excessive hair growth can be a sign of skin cancer or some other form of cancer.

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