What a bigger company really wants?

This article will give a comprehensive approach to the points, which a bigger company really follows. These points may represent wants and ideas by a company and are the sole representation of Saypeople.com. It takes about three weeks to write this article. Hopefully you will find it interesting and informative.

The points are as follows:

1. A bigger company may want fame but in most cases fame is already there. So it means more fame is in requirement.

2. A bigger company wants problems. These problems are taken on risk. Then the company solve these, interesting or difficult, problems and sell the solution. Sometimes solving a problem before it becomes a bigger problem is important.

How this can be achieved?

This can be achieved by studying the problems faced by other companies and/or maximum exposure of the product to problem solvers. These problem solvers can be employees or friends.

A bigger company knows the fact that a problem can create further problems but in certain cases a problem can create a solution even in some cases very important solution. Bigger company also consider these cases and study them as it is one of the most important point and can help to achieve bigger success with ease.

3. Feedback is one of the most important points needed by a bigger company. They give special importance to the feedback with critical information. And in getting feedback, bigger company give customers an ease to give feedback either in the form of rewards or through some other process.

Why feedback is essential?

It is essential as it helps in (a) improvement, (b) it is important for customer satisfaction, (c) it may give new ideas and (d) it gives information about how much the company is famous?

Business diagram 1

4. To reduce very much the amount of wasted material and/or use of waste or useless processes. Bigger company also tries to reduce the time.

How to reduce the time and work?

It can be achieved with the help of talented people.

5. A bigger company wants to reduce the counterfeiting of its products and also follow strictly the copyrights.

6. Resources and capitals and shares.

7. They want to be the best in their rival companies and in this they may keenly look upon the best employees of rival companies.

8. They want full calculation for every step of their processes and make decisions on firm bases and do not change the decision most frequently. Here two things are important i.e. no change of decision and change of decision on much bigger profits.

9. In development or production of new items or processes, their behavior may correlate with the behavior of detectives.

10. Hardwork by the employees. The company wants the employees to work in the company just like their own work. This can be achieved by giving a healthy and happy refreshing environment.

11. Number of employees is such that every employee gets work according to his/her power.

12. Lack of discrimination is another point which a bigger company really wants by developing an equal opportunity for every employee and by putting in the mind of every employee to not to discriminate. Equal opportunity can be achieved by selecting the proper merit i.e. equal opportunity can be achieved by depending on merit, which can be established on previous calculations. This may result in increase in merit and more creativity and quality.

Business diagram 213. Combined work, of human beings with human beings and of human beings with machines, is another important thing needed by a bigger company. In this case, a man of many qualities often lead the talented peoples as he knows how to use the talent of different persons accordingly.

14. A bigger company may want talented people as an employee. Talented people with new thoughts are most essential assets. These talented peoples are the basis of discrimination in big companies. Bigger company give extra profits to people of extra talents as proper use of praise can enhance the talent.

How to find these talented peoples?

This can be achieved by proper advertisement and by proper examination in which psychology is checked for talent and knowledge is checked.

How to inject talent in every person?

Talent can be related to psychology and continuous exposure to talented people. On the other hand, environment can produce talent by inspiration. For this the company may arrange seminars and orientations. Teaching the use of new processes or items or instruments is not as much important as to inject the talent to use new items etc.

Finding the most talented people in every group and help them to work on talent of others. Remember some people have more overall talent than others. Finding a talented person takes a lot of work.

15. Bigger company wants the proper utilization of recent knowledge and can invest its practical use. Sources of recent knowledge can be magazines, newspapers, people etc.

But from a lot of information how the company manages to get proper and useful information?

It may hire or give duty to the employees about taking down notes of recent knowledge.

16. Bigger companies want quality products as raw materials or items and in return try their best to give at profitable and reasonable prices, quality products to their customers.

17. Bigger companies are most backed by other (smaller) companies. So these bigger companies try their best to make good relations with other companies.

18. Wants to be in constant contact with the customers.

How they can achieve this?

This can be achieved by using the contact of customers who are already their customers.  This can also be achieved by the contact of employers and advertisement. All this can attract old and new customers. An easy approach (of items etc.) can also attract new customers as well as old customers. It can also be achieved by reducing the cost of the product.

How the cost can be reduced?

By getting equal benefits from the cost i.e. convert cost to investment.

Business diagram 319. A bigger company wants to have a firm root just like a big tree or a huge mountain. In both cases, the tree or mountain move equally both upward and downward i.e. downward movement is maintained along with.

What are the roots of a bigger company and where they move to establish a firm bases?

Root can be in the heart of the customers which cause to make a firm basis and this firm base move from one customer’s heart to the other  for more strength.

In differentiating between the work and use of employees we can guess or use the pattern of a tree. Trees and other living beings of the world are also living in a world with primary rule of give and take i.e. a silent form of business.

Stem gets more food and water while producing less food for the tree.

Leaves get less nutrition but in return produces more food for the tree.

Roots are hidden bases of the tree. It can be one of the biggest strength for a bigger company to hide its bases.

20. Remember there are infinite number of digits between any two number but we do not consider them. We only consider our required numbers.

Similarly, the bigger company do not go in the depths they have a clear vision about the point to work on.

21. Full record of every work or task that can be maintained in registers or computer. In computer, excel can be used or some other more appropriate software. And all the records are maintained alongwith backup.

22. Bigger company wants the problem of the employees to be completely solved.

How these problems can be solved?

Problems can be found and solved by discussing the points with talented people of every group.

23. Often bigger companies work on more than one processes or items as this way of working gives new dimensions to thinking.

24. Sometimes success come just near the end time and bigger companies know this and continue to work upto the last effort.

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