Futuristic inventions of the past

Here is the list of some inventions or ideas of the past that were futuristic at that time. These represent the points which are now booming:

10. The IXI system, pocket size solid state music player, developed by Kane Kramer of England in 1979. It was almost of the size of a cigarette pack and have a display screen and buttons for four way navigation. It had the ability to hold the music of three and a half minutes’ duration. That system is representing the same concept as that of MP3 player of 1997 or iPod of 2001.

9. The Analytical Engine that was developed in 1822 by Charles Babbage could perform mathematical calculations without any error. This Analytical Engine was the most futuristic invention and could be compared to the present day’s computer which came in the history in 1940s.

8. René Descartes, in 1632, proposed a device for correction of vision. This method used the glass tube which was filled with transparent liquid that was to place in direct contact with cornea. That idea was very close to the present day contact lenses, which were first introduced by Adolf Eugen Fick in 1887.

7. Colorfax, which was developed in 1947, had the ability to be connected to FM radio and re-creating incoming images on paper. Red, blue, yellow and black mechanical pencils were used to draw images on paper and it took almost 15 minutes. Colorfax, was equivalent to Color Printer developed in 1990s.

6. In 1883, Charles Fritts developed the first solar cells that had an efficiency of only 1%. Today’s solar devices have an average efficiency of 13%.

5. The concept of Heat Ray came from the Archimedes idea of “burning glass” in 212 BC. In 2007, United States Military unveiled a device i.e. Heat Ray Gun, that have the ability of producing sudden feeling of burning.

4. Her, A Greek Mathematician from Alexandria, proposed a device known as Aeolipile, which was the first known device to apply steam to rotary motion. On the same idea, Steam engines of 1698 work, which are considered as the single most important invention of industrial revolution. Moreover, on the same idea the concept of Automatic Doors came in 1954 which we can see in the transportation vehicles.

3. Watch-Case Phonograph was a tiny music player introduced in 1936 and it was the same thing as the Walkman introduced in 1979.

2. Self Propelled mechanical vehicle introduced in 1979 was the basis of the concept behind The Gas-Powered Automobile introduced in 1886.

1. Vending machines, which we normally see around us most office buildings including schools and airports, are used to dispense merchandise for money is in use since first century when Hero of Alexandria developed a device for controlled dispense of water. That machine was the basis of vending machine developed in 1880 and up until electricity took over.

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