Breakthrough research in extending battery life

Australian researchers have done research in improving battery life markedly. With this technology only typing on keyboard will help to charge the mobile phones or laptops or other such mobile devices.

Dr. Madhu Bhaskaran

Australian researchers, including Dr. Madhu Bhaskaran and colleagues, have done work on piezoelectric thin films. Piezoelectric materials are such materials which have the ability of generating electricity with pressure and sudden jolt or shock. It was known since 1880 when they were discovered by Pierre curie, husband of Marie.

Researchers have published their work in the journal of Advanced Functional Materials. The research is not thoroughly powering the devices but it will open new ways to charge the devices through “integrated microscale energy scavenging systems” for longer times.

Dr. Madhu Bhaskaran told ABC News in Australia, “Currently the energy levels we’re able to generate is around ten times less than what’s required, so that’s the next step, to amplify it by ten times, so we can produce an everlasting battery or replace exisiting batteries. If we can amplify the power, which we think will take three years, it should be fairly quick to commercialise it.”

Furthermore, she has told that the research has combined the potential of piezoelectric thin films and the cornerstone of microchip manufacturing, thin film technology.

Now the researchers are working to amplify the energy for usage at its full potential.

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