iPhone 5 will be released in September

It has been announced that Apple Inc. will release its next generation iPhone in September of this year.

iPhone 5 will be launched in September of this year and it will have 8 megapixel camera up from 5 megapixel in iPhone 4, next mobile operating system iOS 5 as mentioned by Bloomberg sources on Wednesday. Moreover, it has been guessed that iPad 3 will be released just before Christmas. It will have pixel density somewhat closer to iPhone 4’s 3.5 inch, 960×640 screen.

iPhone 5 will host powerful A5 processor. It is supposed that iOS 5 will have the ability to support 1080p video. It has also been in the news that the shape of the next iPhone will also be changed and will be just like teardrop-shaped. iPhone 5 will have improved messaging and photo sharing.

Apple Inc. is also working on the cheaper iPhone for developing countries.

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