Differences between the brain of man and woman

Every professional scientist and researcher have concluded that the brain of men and women are different.

It has been found that girls, who are just a few hours old, are more sensitive to touch than the boys. In fact, baby girls react more to short sudden blow of air on their belly and start wriggling the body due to discomfort. Baby girls cry more than baby boys when left uncovered.

It is somewhat possible to distinguish between the male and female fetus at the 26th week of pregnancy as male babies have more asymmetrical brains than female babies, who have more symmetry in the “higher association cortex”; part of the brain dealing with the complex mental processes. White matter is also present in more amount in male babies. White matter is the part of the brain consists mostly of nerve fibers.

Infant females are found to be less tolerant to noise. They become easily anxious and irritated with noise or pain, than boys. Boys are more wakeful and active than girls. On the other hand, girls seem to show a greater interest in communicating with others. Girls start speaking earlier than boys.

Small boys, who can play, like to explore further and do more activities than their sisters. In one research, a barrier was placed in the playroom between the mother and child. It was found that girls were more in number, who stand by the barrier and cry, while the boys do little visits to the barrier.

In the school age children girls play more sedentary games and boys like to play such games in which they build something or play with vehicles. If girls build some structure, they build shorter structures. Girls accept younger children into their groups and boys like to join the older children’s groups. Girls know and remember the names of their group fellows or playmates but boys often forget the names.

In view of emotions, if their is a story, boys will tell the story of the robbers while girls tell the point of view of victim for the same story.

Boys have a superior co-ordination in the games involving hands and eyes such as ball sports. General strategic approach of males is better than females and this may be the reason that man are better players of chess. Males have good map reading abilities.

Verbal abilities of women are better than men. Moreover, they can listen better than man. Girls have better ability to learn foreign languages and grammar. They are also more fluent, and stuttering like problems are found in boys more than girls.

Women see better in dark. They have the ability to see more red hues due to sensitivity to the red end of the spectrum. Women have better visual memory. On the other hand, men see in a narrow field with much depth and women have a wider peripheral vision.

Men have a better sense of perspective than women. Women react faster and more acutely to pain but resistance to overall discomfort is better in women.

Women are better equipped with senses to notice things which men normally cannot perceive. Women are better at picking up social cues, picking up important nuances of meaning from tones of voice or intensity of expression. Men sometimes become exasperated at a woman’s reaction to what they say. They do not realise that women are probably “hearing” much more than what the man himself thinks he is “saying”. Women tend to be better judges of character. Older females have a better memory for names and faces, and a greater sensitivity to other people’s preferences.

Difference between father and mother is represented by the fact that even a blindfolded woman can easily identify her child from a host of other babies by scent alone. A sleeping mother can identify the cry of her baby, too. She is programmed to wake only at the sound of her particular infant.

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