More iOS 5 features, some in beta testing environment

All kinds of new and cool features are represented by Steve Jobs and co. during the debut of iOS 5 at WWDC earlier this month. As more and more folks have tried their hand at iOS 5, more and more features are getting their turn to shine. Here’s a list of some of the cooler ones.

FaceTime calling ability have been embedded over 3G by Apple — Although it is also in the news that it is a beta only feature.

AirPlay Mirroring has been shown off. The feature lets users display video from an iPad 2 on an HDTV, by way of Apple TV, for those times when you just can’t keep your tablet content to yourself.

The new software also offers up the ability to sync 1080p video to iOS 5 devices, opening the door to speculation that future iPads and iPhones may be able to play back content at full 1080p.

Like to play your iTunes over your car stereo? Good news, iOS 5 will transfer audio information like album, track, and artist names over Bluetooth.

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