Use of Tears (in cure of diseases)

Quran Majeed, Arts and Science: Thought and Research, Part-I

Following article is an excerpt from the book “Qur’an Majeed, Arts and Science: Thought and Research, Part-I” by “Usman Zafar Paracha“:

“One Hadith as mentioned in Tirmidhi is as follows:

There is not a drop dearer to Allah than two drops: a drop of tear rolling down out of the fear of Allah and a drop of blood shed in the way of Allah.


Based on these two Ahadiths the importance of tears is clear. If tears can save a man from the Jahanum (Hell) then there is something important in the tears.

So, we can study the different aspects of tears in relation to science such as in certain types of diseases we may be able to find something very important which may help us in diagnosing or treating diseases.

Scientists are working on the comparison of composition of tears of a normal person and a cancer patient, so that they will be able to diagnose cancer with tears. (V. Suzanne Klimberg, 2010). But in my view we can work further on its ability to treat cancer.

Not only cancer but we can expand our research on further uses of tears such as by taking tears of epilepsy patients or hypertensive patients, we can work out if there are some benefits or not, for them.”

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