Can a camel be passed through the eye of a needle?

Once a man was asked, “Can ALLAH passes a camel through the eye (hole) of the needle?”

He replied, “ALLAH can do everything. He can not only pass a camel through the eye of the needle but He can also pass the whole world through the eye of the needle.”

It is our belief that ALLAH has power over all the things of the heavens and the earth. In fact, ALLAH can give knowledge and power to man for doing miracles.

One possibility of passing a camel through the eye (hole) of a needle is shown by the Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction. This is the type of contraction resulting from the reduction in length of a substance moving with the speed of light.

So, it means that camel can be passed through the eye of the needle, if it is moved with the speed of light and this is possible only if ALLAH wills.

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