Research Grabber (RG) 3.0 with “Get an Idea” extension

Research Grabber (RG) screenshot

Research Grabber (RG) is a type of Research Explorer designed to help researchers in finding new ideas. It’s idea was given by “Usman Zafar Paracha”, who is lecturer of Pharmaceutics in Hajvery University, Lahore , Pakistan and it’s coding (progamming) is done by “Suleman Zafar Paracha”, Student of Electronics Engineering, Hajvery University, Lahore, Pakistan.


In this software you will find a lot of different free journals and news websites (although there are some paid journals or websites also) which will help to generate new ideas by just entering one tag word of research topic.

An additional feature in the RG is the presence of “Get an Idea” extension in the Software. This will not only save your time but also increase your efficiency to get new ideas.

Get an idea by Research Grabber

Basic Requirements for installation:

It requires .NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 for installation.

Comments and More ideas:

In case of any errors and/or new ideas kindly write us in the comments’ section. As your comments and feedbacks are very precious for us and we will like to hear from you.


Grab your “Research Grabber (RG)” 3.0 here

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