Holy Quran (A Complete source of Guidance)

Following article is an excerpt from “Introduction” of the book “Qur’an Majeed, Arts And Science: Thought and Research-Part-I” written by “Usman Zafar Paracha”.

Quran Majeed, Arts and Science: Thought and Research, Part-I

“In science fiction stories, we often came across with stories of intelligence gifted by some extraterrestrial beings or by some persons from the future to some boy or to some disabled person. The boy or that disabled person after being gifted start working in extraordinary ways. Peoples around him wonder about this very unusual change in that boy or person. These science fiction stories often attract a lot of peoples. A U. S. proverb says that Facts are stranger than fiction and this is fact that in real life there is Something which can change an ordinary person’s life to an extra-ordinary life and this is our Holy Book; “Qur’an Majeed”. This is a fact that Qur’an Majeed can change every person’s life. It can revolutionize everything. It can give intelligence and strength to any person who reads and understands about the Qur’anic Sayings.

To understand its significance, take an example of “Man from future”. Suppose that scientists have invented “Time machine”. Now it is available to us. We have proposed to send one intelligent man to the future to see and tell us what is our future? He goes and comes back to us and tells us. He tells that some peoples were successful because they were moving on the path of success and some peoples were not successful as they were not following the path of success. The man who goes to the future also tells about the path of success. If we will not follow that path, surely, we will not be successful. In fact, we will be considered foolish, if we will not do anything for success.

Now think on large scale. Qur’an Majeed is a Book send by ALLAH Himself. ALLAH has created this book while considering past, present and future. This book is telling us our future and telling us, who will be successful and who will not be successful in this world as well as hereafter. The person who will not follow the words of ALLAH and Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) will also be considered foolish after knowing all these things.”


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