Data Theft

Data theft is illegal copying of any material from an individual or business. It is also known as data breaching.  

Data may refer to some

1. Personal information

2. Passwords

3. Credit Card information

4. Social security numbers or

5. other confidential information.

This type of data theft is called as ID-related data theft. While non-ID data theft refers to the illegal copying and usage of business’ intellectual property.

Different types of data thefts are as follows:

1. Thumbsucking: If a person downloads or copies information using thumb drives then the process is known as thumbsucking.

2. Carder: A person who is engaged in online credit card fraud.

3. Hackers: Person gaining illicit uses to approach any other system.

4. Pod slurping: The use of iPods etc. to download information illegally.

5. Bluesnarfing: Use of bluetooth devices to approach and stole information.

Firewalls and intrusion detection systems can be used for desktops to prevent illegal approach to data.

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